Gandhi As A Good Leader : Characteristics And Views Of Gandhi

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1.269 million people view only one person as their father Gandhi, he is the father of India and many citizens follow his philosophies to this day. Gandhi campaigned against violence so he could solve problems through words instead of war. He was a very influential man and changed many people's point of views about many world problems. Gandhi is defined as a leader all around the world, he tries to bring out the good in everybody he has ever met and believes nothing will be solved with violence, but at the end of the day Gandhi achieved great things for his country and affected the world in a positive way. According to gandhi civil rights can only be achieved by peaceful protests. Leadership is a very important skill to have in society today. Many important leaders in our world are honest, honesty is the most important factor because people want to trust the leader and believe in what they say. A good leader would never lie to it's people, their job is to be honest and tell their people what's happening in the real world. Another key factor of being a good leader, is to be able to be confident and carry themselves confidently. A successful leader cannot be shy, they need to stand up for what they believe and take action but in a respectful manner. Which this leads into the last point of a good leader which is being respectful. Good Leadership skills require that listening to others people's point of views and also respecting their opinions is necessary. To be leading a

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