Gandhi As A Political Leader : Mahatma Gandhi

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Mahatma Gandhi was a political leader who brought peace to India, he had a peaceful method of non-violence, although many people think his death was just because he was gaining too much power and followers, but that is not a reason for him to have been killed and all he believed in was peace. Gandhi was a man who thought “live like there's no tomorrow” this was actually one of his famous quotes.Many people think that he had too much power and that’s why he was killed. All he really did was free India from the british using peaceful method it's not like he used an army to fight the british. His words are what got everyone behind him. I personally think it was unjust because all he wanted to do is end racial discrimination and be free from the british and that wasn't because he wanted for himself this was for everyone. The main reason I though gandhi death was unjust was because he brought peace to India. He was even given the name “father of nation”. He got this nickname because he was the only person to stand up to the british and actually to free them from oppression. He also used peaceful methods like protests, boycotts, and other acts of disobedience. All these actions lead him to get thousands of followers and the love of the country. He was recognized as a buddha/ jesus to India because he came to India to free India from british oppression. Just like jesus and buddha did in order to free their followers from their enemy and they also did it in a peaceful
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