Gandhi Critique vs Rabindranath Tagore´s Views

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Gandhi Critique: Rabindranath Tagore The term the Indian independence movement refers to the progressive undermining of British Imperial rule in India during the late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century. Though the effort was collective in nature, being that it was popular among the population of India, the means by which many intended to gain their freedom varied greatly. There were many competing political approaches to this movement, but among them all, the messages of Mohandus Karamchand Gandhi, otherwise known as Mahatma Gandhi, emerged as the most prominent. His teachings concerning how they, the people of India, must attain Swaraj, self-governance free from foreign input where power and wealth were to be distributed more equally, were founded under a few core principles and beliefs which stressed a multitude of subsequent practices. With publicity comes scrutiny and Gandhi was no exception. One of Gandhi’s foremost critics was his friend Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, a Nobel Prize winning writer. Though highly controversial at the time, the methods employed by Gandhi proved to be instrumental to the progress of this nationalist movement. Gandhi lived his life, and encouraged others to do the same, with his philosophy of satyagraha: “observing a nonviolence of the mind, by seeking truth in a spirit of peace and love, and by undergoing a rigorous process of self-scrutiny”(Britannica). Some favored radical violence, but Gandhi remained true to his writings,

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