Garbage Patch Essay

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In today’s world it’s hard to go anywhere without finding something wrapped in plastic. Plastic bags, packages, bottles and other items are scattered across the world. This has become a problem for the entire world and specifically the oceans. Plastic and other garbages that are resistant to the natural recycling process take a long time to recycle. These items will gather at certain points in the pacific ocean. Such places are known as garbage patches. The garbage patch isn’t the only thing causing problems for our oceans. Dead zones and rising ph levels are also contributing to create uninhabitable areas within the ocean. Depending on the ability of the marine life, some will make it to a place they can live, while others will not have enough oxygen, or proper ph levels to maintain their own lives. With marine debris rampant throughout the oceans accumulation is a real problem.

The type of pollution that contributes to the garbage patch is the marine debris. Marine debris are small pieces of plastic and other garbage which make their way into the ocean via storm drains or other ways. The majority of marine debris isn’t dumped directly into the ocean but rather makes its way their by happenstance. A garbage patch is a phenomena where marine debris accumulates at a point in the ocean where the wind and current forces the tide to swirl in a circular motion, according to (2013). Another form of marine debris is fishing gear that’s lost or left behind by fishing

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