Gastrointestinal Disease Research Paper

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Hemorrhoids are a very common gastrointestinal disease that seen in obesity, elderly, and pregnancy. Hemorrhoids results are from an increased blood pressure of the veins in the rectum. From having this pressure by (“Zelman, M. Ph.D., Tompary, E., Raymond, J. Ph. D., Holdaway, P. MA, & Mulvihill, M.L. Ph.D”, 2010) “straining or even high blood pressure”, causes the veins to swell in that area making it painful for sitting. Hemorrhoids are a treatable gastrointestinal disease; a physician can prescribe a hemorrhoid cream, which found over the counter in every pharmacy. Stool softeners can also be used to prevent the hemorrhoids from pushing outwards; surgery is another preventable option to help with this gastrointestinal disease. Changing the …show more content…

The gastrointestinal disease can be avoided by the individual need not eat right, exercise, drink plenty of water, and take supplementary to keep the hemorrhoids down. Taking stool softeners will soften up the bowels, that way it will be easy to pass and not put pressure on the veins of the rectum. Adding fiber to his or her diet can help as well, with the fruits and water. However, the factors that will make the lifestyle difficult to change is when a person has done this habit is hard to break. For instance, if a person always eats spicy and greasy foods, then switching to fruits and foods which are high in fiber can be tough. Another is trying to get a person to drink water, instead of drinking plenty of sugar intakes of the body. If an individual has not been taking his or her vitamins or supplements, can be difficult by just eating foods which are not good for a person. An individual can overcome this factor by increasing the fiber, by eating gluten free foods. ("Solutions For Hemorrhoids", 2014) “Drink plenty of water and fluids, apple cider vinegar, take Livatone Plus, vitamin c, vitamin e, creams, salt water bath, exercise, and avoid straining during bowel movements.” Choosing lifestyle instead of prescription medication, due to the medication can have plenty of side effects. An individual can have an ("Hemorrhoids Condition", 1998-2016) “allergic reaction, inflammation”,

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