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In the visual text, Gattaca, directed by Andrew Niccol, we’re introduced to a futuristic society where people strive for the best set of genes in hopes of creating a ‘perfect’ society. The main character, Vincent, is classified as an invalid. He overcomes many obstacles in hopes of fulfilling his dream of going to space. In doing so, his actions helped us understand the theme that striving for the best sets of genes risks suppressing individuality and success. Aspects of this include him proving that ‘perfect’ genes doesn’t guarantee success, not conforming to maintain individuality and determination and being One way that Vincent was able to communicate the theme, was through overcoming his disadvantages as an invalid this was shown …show more content…

Even after being discriminated and marginalised from society by his ‘low’ quality genes, Vincent never gave in. SInce the genetically engineered individuals form the society’s elite, parents wish to select the best versions of their genes to create the ‘perfect’ offspring, this suppresses individuality as the society still ends up conformed to the rules of a striving organisation towards a ‘perfect’ society. This would result in no individuality within a society which would mean that the society could never evolve as there will be no one to oppose or notice the flaws in this ‘perfect’ society. Vincent becomes the exception when he didn’t accept being treated as an inferior the way Irene had. She accepted the fact that she would never accomplish her dream of space travel and so, she accepted her role in Gattaca. This is shown through her obedience to follow any order given to her by the director. VIncent’s achievements showed that invalids can be just as good as valids. He showed Irene that he was here “to show that it’s possible” for those who are marginalised to be just as good. These accomplishments were reached only because Vincent didn’t conform to the society by taking risks that involved being suspected as a murderer and as an infiltrated invalid. Both of which would result in severe punishments. In addition, when he won the final

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