Gay Marriage Is A Controversial Topic

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Gay marriage is a very controversial topic within the United States and has been for the past decade or more. This subject may be relatable to you because this topic greatly influences the equality of all people, regardless of sexual preference, and someone you might know could be struggling with their basic human rights. In these three pictures you can see the varying views people hold on this topic and how by viewing their facial expressions, the setting, and the objects in the pictures, we can analyze the underlying messages the media portrays of same sex marriages. The general stereotype of marriage is that it should be between two people of the opposite sex. The first feature I will be analyzing in these three photos is the facial…show more content…
These two women are the central focus in this picture and you can see their emotions from their expressions and posture as captures in this picture. The second feature in photo one that calls for attention is the setting of the wedding. You can see in the background behind the two women are folding chairs. It shows people that not all weddings are glamorous like the ones seen on the television. The most important thing to the couple is that they are happy no matter how much money they spend on their wedding. It also looks like they are in some type of church with both of their families in the background supporting their loved ones no matter who they love. This photo definitely shows how same sex weddings are very similar to traditional weddings. The bottom line is that there are two people who love each other, and they vow to do so until death do them apart. The last feature I will analyze in photo one is the objects found in the picture. In the far back you can see a statue of some religious figure and you can also see what it appear to be monks. Knowing that monks are from the Buddhist philosophy I can assume that this temple is based on Buddhist belief. Since I have no prior knowledge of Buddhism I can’t assume that Buddhism is a tolerant religion and I also can’t assume their views of same sex marriage differ compared to other religions I am more
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