Gay Marriage Should Be Banned

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At this point I would like to raise some objections that have come to my mind. Many will probably disagree on the grounds that gay rights or same sex marriage should be banned or that it’s wrong under their religions. With that there are many factors that contradict against gay rights, such as religion, child adoption, and divorce just to name a few. Roger Severino, a graduate from Harvard Law School, and has a master in public policy claims the negative collusions that are against gay rights (924). Severino tells us that gay marriage conflicts with religious beliefs because it ruins the traditional marriage between a man and a woman and it ruins the definition of marriage (941-946). Similarly with the article, “Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?” from presents several bad aspects about same sex marriage. Some of the negative aspects presented in this article are that marriage has always been recognized as two heterosexual people. For example, in 1971 the Supreme Court confirmed that “the institution of marriage as a union of man and woman, uniquely involving the procreation and rearing of children within a family” (Should Gay Marriage Be Legal). The article mentions that since homosexuals will not be able to reproduce, they are most likely adopt children, but the problem with this is that a child needs both of their heterosexual parents. It has been proven that a child who is raised under a same sex couple have more difficult lives than those raised by heterosexual…

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