Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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Gay Marriage jenisea Phoenix
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Gay Marriage

What if you met someone and fell deep in love? What if they meant everything in the world to you? Wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to make them happy? What if i told you that you couldn’t? and that no matter how much you showed someone that you are meant to be that you couldn’t marry them? Wouldn’t that tear you apart inside?. “The Human Rights Campaign Foundation states that 4 - 10 young people live in a community that doesn’t except them or who they choose to love”( as cited in 2014). Gay Marriage should be legal in all states and it should be allowed the same benefits of hetroexual marriage,because This central idea of traditional marriage is inaccurate ,everyone should have the chance to marry who they love, and stable gay marriage homes benefits adoption practices worldwide.

First , This central idea of traditional marriage is inaccurate, being defined as just between man and woman,but even dating back to ancient times there is no such thing as a traditional marriage. “Ross Douthat stated there is polygamy, mistresses, and the use of prostitution in some marriages so the whole hetrosexual monogamy as a whole can be considered as “unnatural” in modern terms” (as cited in 2014),but as you can see there are imperfections in every relationship.Secondly, the most important reason Gay Marriage should be be legal
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