Gay Marriage and the Constitution Essay

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Gay Marriage and the Constitution Amberlee Ozment Axia College of University of Phoenix Gay Marriage and the Constitution Is it okay to not believe in gay marriage, yet at the same time support the constitutional rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for homosexual couples? Even though most churches' beliefs conflict with marrying same-sex partners, government should not deny a person's right to their happiness; because any person, no matter race, color, sex, religion or sexual orientation, should be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights as Americans to pursue their happiness; and married gay couples should be able to have a spectrum of rights and benefits if their gay partnership is legalized. Equal…show more content…
How long must gays fight for equal rights that they were given at birth as a legal citizen of America? If gay marriage is legalized, this would mean a restructuring for employers. Benefits and Rights If gay marriage is legalized, employers would therefore be affected. Affected in the way that benefits available to married heterosexuals will then be the same for married gay couples. In the event of legalizing gay marriage, same-sex married couples will be given a range of benefits that include employee benefits, inheritance and real estate rights, child custody, emergency health care procedures and tax laws. (Kuiow, Spring 2001) There are some employers that currently give domestic partners benefits, at their discretion. However, because there is not a final document of proof that a gay couple is indeed domestic partners, it makes it difficult for employers and others to determine what constitutes as a gay partnership. How does one go about in proving that they do in fact have a spousal equivalent in a same-sex relationship, rather than just a roommate? Granting gays the right to marriage or the equivalent of being married without the Church being involved would open up numerous solutions and put the gray areas of gay relationships to rest. Resolution As the numbers of gay couples have risen exuberantly in the last two decades, they no doubt

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