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The Self Directed Learning Plan (SDLP) is a process and document to chronicle your accomplishments and learning steps through the MBA program and beyond as they relate to your professional goals. The SDLP will help you to identify and target the array of competencies you need to reach your professional objectives and to help you organize your Kaplan MBA learning experience to suit your career objectives. The SDLP will be a section of your Program Portfolio, so take some quality introspective time to consider strengths and areas of development relevant to your career objectives. We encourage you to contact Career Services for feedback on relevant …show more content…

|and what it is being used for can help me make better decisions as |
| | |a manager. |
|Strength 2 |GB518: Integrate accounting information into the development of business |GB518: Learning the different business strategies and process in |
|Logical and works well on “people” as |strategies and processes. Be able to use my skills at logically thinking |accounting has really helped me think more logically on projects by|
|well as “task” issues. |in order to better develop business strategies and processes. |understanding the financial aspects. |
|Strength 3 |GB518: Gather the necessary information from the financial statements, |GB518: In this course I have learned how to use financial |
|Making firm business decisions |analyze the financials, make the decision, and interpret the results. |statements and the accounts, and the proper financial ratios to |
| | |come up with conclusions and make sound business decisions. It is |

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