Gender And Class Effect On Society

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Throughout my life, I have learned many things when it comes to gender and class. When I was young, my mother and my stepfather owned their own fencing company and brought in good money for my stepbrother and I. Things felt easy, we had a roof over our head, and the fridge always had food in it. Little did I know that during that time, the economy was not at its best and it was quickly getting worse as the days rolled on. People lost their homes and their businesses went from being good moneymakers to being almost a burden to keep alive. Being a woman and the owner of their business and from what I have learned over the years she was treated unequally because she was a woman. The advantages that many people had were based not only on how much money they made, but also because of certain class statuses. Because of these status’s it was much harder to overcome this recession. Gender and class effect everything in this country and ways to making it more of an equal opportunity is still struggling to catch up with the present. Gender inequality in this country has always been issue that has sparked all sorts of protests. From woman not allowed to work in certain jobs to not being allowed to vote. In the video PBS’S Part Three: Charting a New Course I learned so much on just how difficult it was to be a woman during those times and just how hard it was to be taken seriously. For example, a woman named Alvarado started working for a construction business. With only men working
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