Gender Barriers in Sports

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Since way back in the day there’s always been that big barrier blockading females and males when trying to engage in a sport that is not “appropriate” for their gender. It had always been that some sports are aimed towards the male gender and others towards the females. When a man or women joins a sport that is not originally for their gender, it is not something that many people want to accept.

Gender is defined as an ongoing cultural process that socially constructs differences between men and women. This day in age, men still have more privileges than women do. Men have more wealth and power, many role-models are males, and women are seen as child raisers. Dr. Jack C. Watson says that women in sports face such things as “social
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There was this new teammate trying out and from a far distance I had no idea who it was. Once I got onto the field, I realized that it was a boy. Not only was he a boy, but he was black. It was hard enough for him because he was one out of the two black people in our entire high school. Everyone was kind of in shock and so was the coach because it was much unexpected. The season started, he made the team, and we were off to a good start.

We were playing this very important game against our biggest rivalries and we were ahead by two points. All of a sudden a girl from our opponents’ team had tripped and fallen. She was right near the male on our team. She got up and started flipping out saying that he was playing too aggressive and that field hockey was a girls sport and boys shouldn’t be allowed to play. She blamed him for her tripping and falling to the ground, when he hadn’t even touched her. There ended up being this huge article in the news paper about how this dark skinned high school male was playing a girls sport and was playing too aggressively and hurting other players. It really put a damper on his outlook to this sport, but it upset him because he didn’t even have any interaction with this girl. It became such a big deal that every time we had a game, there was an article in the paper about it and almost every week there was a little section updating people about his aggression in the game. He wasn’t even an
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