Gender Bias In The Recruitment Process At Job Fairs

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Gender Bias in the Recruitment Process at Job Fairs Chapter 1: Problem Definition Administrative Research Problem Background Gender bias is problematic for organizations that wish to increase innovation and avoid legal problems due to their hiring practices. Federal law requires that hiring practices do not exclude persons based on their gender, race, ethnicity, or any other category to which they belong. Hiring must be based solely on the person's ability and suitability for the job. Avoiding bias helps organizations to increase innovation within the organization due to the different perspectives that each person brings with them. Bias in hiring practices can be intentional or unintentional. Regardless of intention, it is necessary to avoid it in hiring practices. This research intends to explore the question surrounding job fairs. It will explore the question of whether bias exists among the recruitment process for applicants at a job fair. Research demonstrates that gender bias is still a pervasive problem in the hiring process. In a study that manipulated two variables, job sex-type and candidate sex it was found that gender played a significant role in the rationale behind the hiring choices of organizations that participated (Luzadis, Wesolowski, & Snavely, 2008). It appears that certain jobs are considered appropriate for males and others are considered appropriate for females. Job stereotyping may be directly linked to gender bias in the hiring
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