Gender, Depression And Levels Of Intervention

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ASSIGNMENT Gender, depression and levels of intervention Majok 3/5/2015 Medical, behavioural, Ecological and social approaches to depression and primary, secondary and tertiary intervention strategies INTRODUCTION It has been discovered that women are suffering more than men with the psychological disorders such as depression. There are many reasons behind it such as interpersonal violence. There are many intervention methods that have been introduced to manage this issue. One approach is to target the symptoms and biological factors that cause depression. The outside environment of any person, along with intensity of circumstances and incidents play a crucial role in determining mental health. It is necessary to investigate how an …show more content…

It is essential to implement an intervention program that encompasses medical, psychological and behavioural treatments. It must address the improvement in thought pattern of the patient, along with that for temporary relief medicines can provide relief from the symptoms of depression. The intervention approach for biologically-based depressions, mainly involves the course of prescribed antidepressants which are given as the first step of treatment. In this regard various new medicines have also been introduced to minimise the symptoms of depression. In severe depressions, Antipsychotics are applied to normalise the psychotic symptoms, (Australian Psychological Institute, 2012). Apart from medications, Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is a popular intervention for depression which is well supported (Gloaguen, Cottraux, Cucherat & Blackburn, 1998) as viewed in (Australian Psychological Institute, 2012). The theory behind this intervention is that Cognitive work is associated with internal values of women and standards in outside environment. For example women mostly model their behaviour according to their value system rather than the standards that are imposed on them externally. The therapy assists them to identify the challenges that are associated with the traditional role in sex for women and how they behave in intimate relationships. The CBT’s intervention is implemented in association with service

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