Gender and Depression

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1. Summary of the paper (max. 250 words). 25% of credit. In this section, you need to briefly explain what question the paper was trying to address, and whether they successfully answered the question.
2. Methodology (max. 150 words). 25% of credit. Explain in more detail exactly what methods have been used to address the questions presented by the paper. If the paper describes many different methodologies, select the two you considered more relevant and describe those in your paper. If relevant, describe the sample or population used in the study (e.g., children, adults, college students, etc).
3. Results (max. 150 words). 25% of credit. Explain what has been found with this line of research, including some sense of what the
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This issue was clearly defined and elaborated upon by the author. Her supplied evidence was sufficient enough to come to a probable conclusion and derive further hypothesis.
2. Some methodologies used by the author include correlative research and experimental research. Correlative research is used because the author examines how, because females are less able to regulate hormones they, correlatively, are less able to release hormones that could help them from becoming depressed. Thus, a correlation can be found in the rate of depression to the amount of stressors placed on females and their biological inability to regulate them effectively. Experimental research is used in the way that certain behaviors were studied in both females and males, then compared to each other to determine a solution to a gender specific issue. Experimentation is also used in the analyzing of females’ ability to cope with sexual assault and how it retards the developmental processes in the emotional and social fields.
3. As a result of this research, it is universally agreed upon that females are more susceptible to depression because of their gender specific stressful situations and their inability to deal with
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