Gender Differences In Ancient Greece

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By Symone Jones
Ancient Greece was a time where men were in complete control over there wives and daughters. This was also a time where a man's word was law. Women did not have much of a say so during this period. Men could go about as they pleased without asking permission. Women could not leave as they pleased. They had to ask the leader of the household before leaving and if they didn't there were serious consequences. Boys were allowed to go off to school and learn about war while girls were forced to stay home and help their mothers take care of the household. Even though the main difference during this time was sex, women and girls also had many differences.
Ancient Greek girls
In Ancient Greece girls were not given the same privileges as boys were given. For example the girls were not very well educated instead they learned how to play instruments, dance, and some learned gymnastics. If a girl was asked to do field work by her father she did so with no questions asked. While
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If a woman could not bear a child it was said to be a sign of the gods punishing her for a wrong doing. Majority of the time women were never seen out without their husbands, they were almost 100% of the time seen with their family. If a woman wanted to leave the house for any certain reason she had to have her husbands permission. The only day women were allowed to leave home by their lonesome was for a religious holiday, Thesmophoria, it was held during the month known as Pyanopsion. This holiday was held on either the eleventh or twelfth day of Pyanopsion. In the household the women were not allowed to dine with the men. Normally while the men were dining the women were in an opposite section of the house. Also in Ancient Greece if a woman ever cheated on her husband, the husband was allowed to kill his wife and her secret lover with no
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