Gender Differences In Interpersonal Injury

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The primary aim of this research article was to examine demographic characteristics and compare the injury circumstances, repeat admission and hospital stay between male and female Indigenous Australians hospitalized due to interpersonal violence in Western Australia from 1990-2004. This population-based, retrospective study utilized records from Western Australia mortality database and the Hospital Morbidity Data System. Records that had the primary diagnosis as an ‘injury’ and external cause as an’ injury inflicted by another’, were not included in the study. The results showed that the demographic information of both genders were the same however, there were higher rates of hospitalization of females at nearly 1.3 times the rate of males. Also, the rate of readmission for interpersonal violence was similarly higher among Indigenous females. The hospital admission rate of Indigenous persons was also higher than that of non-Indigenous persons throughout the 15 years study period with the rate for Indigenous females to non-Indigenous females significantly higher than in males.

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Also, this research provides a snapshot of cases reported to the hospital and since a majority of persons admitted in hospitals resided at remote locations, this study may not capture persons who did not seek treatment at a hospital for an interpersonal violence related injury. In addition, females may not report domestic violence events which will under-represent the
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