Gender Differences In Video Games

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Aggression is behavior intended to harm another individual who is motivated to avoid that harm. (Anderson and Bushman 354). Being that a connection between aggression and violent video games makes the statement, males have more aggression after exposure to violent video games than females true in every aspect. Identifying the absolute fact behind the claim defines the clear purpose of the argument. With connecting school shootings, different types of video games, and overall statistics of the male verse female relation, will make the conclusion stomp on all beliefs as well as only provide the upmost reliable truth to the claim. Leading in with school shootings forms the starting point.
While examining all information on violent video games
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Differences were found in the way aggression was expressed, with males being more physically aggressive after exposure to violent video games, females were prone to more relational aggression (Thomas and Levant 48). In fact, Kirsh explained the hidden truth behind testosterone. Testosterone happens to be a male hormone that when increased exposure to violent video games causes the Amygdala to increase in size and production (382). The amygdala produces emotions like fear and aggression, essentially making aggression the more apparent emotion when males play violent video games. One reason that boys are more susceptible to aggressive actions in contrast to girls, can be due to the structural differences in the limbic system. Whether internally or environmentally, either can effect males at a larger level than females. Some believe no correlation between violent video games and aggressive behaviors…show more content…
More than half of the video games purchased are from underage children. The sheer scope of media choices renders futile any effort to rein in content through regulations. Regulations which nobody seemed to follow or obey. Occasional pixilated displays of violence or sex can be found in some games that are sometimes sold to children. These comprise a tiny part of the total array of media content freely available to anyone. (Koffler 51). Further, hearing from Mark and Keisha Hoerrner, parents allow the exposure to violent video games, without even checking the industry ratings. Victims susceptible to increased aggression learn that violence is acceptable to solve problems, and they perfect the art of shooting as though the virtual gun was a real weapon (39). Hoerrners’ concede that parents need to be aware of the inappropriate content that is viewed, as well as inform the players reality to socially acceptable behavior in the real world. The Hoerrners and Koffler agree to such statement that violent video games don’t have any further effect on aggression, due to the fault of parents and the video games stores themselves. Even though such belief is valid in the sense that parents have to have a watchful eye, but in order to make the statement true, more information must be
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