Gender Enforming To Gender Roles And A Gender Binary System

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Gender is an important and complex part of everyday life that most people do not ever think twice about. Many people believe that the gender they are are assigned at birth is the gender they will “be” and perform for the rest of their life, without ever considering why they are conforming to gender roles and a gender binary system. However, gender is a social construct that has been created by our society to identify and categorize people into easily identifiable and recognizable categories – men and women. As stated by Betsy Lucal, “We assume that we can place each individual into one of two mutually exclusive categories in this binary system” (Lucal 73). Society interprets certain behaviors, appearances, and personality traits to one or the other side gender binary and when we perform gender appropriately and attribute gender to others based on those characteristics we are simultaneously creating the social construct of gender and enforcing it.
Gender is enforced through a multitude of processes, including medicine, law, ourselves, and each other. When we are born the doctors mark our sex as ‘male’ or ‘female’ based on which category our genitals, chromosomes, and genetics fit into better and from that point on we are gendered. Gendering enforces the gender binary on children from the moment they are born. Gender is also socially constructed through law – on your birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, and other official legal documents you are required to list a

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