Gender Equality In Society

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Living in peace needs equality of men and women because humans don’t fight if all humans have equality. Everyone has a chance to get peace and happiness, but some people cannot because of custom. For example, in the past, women had to work for men, and there was a gender discrimination. From 19th to early 20th century, women fought against women’s issues such as education, economic, violence, and abortion because women’s position is very low and weak, so they couldn’t have decision rights. However, the society became better as the years went by. The comparison between past and present history shows the current situation of gender issues in the workplace and in education, and results shows how gender equality is important for peace.
In the 19th century, women had not allowed to have decision in the family, so they had to follow husband. Women couldn’t disobey men and couldn’t decide to do or don’t because if women don’t follow men, the risk of being abused will increase. They usually did housework and took care of their children. This was common things in 1950 to 1960. In addition, many women wanted to learn something new and receive same education as men, but they couldn't receive an education because the education was only for men. It was not for women. Therefore, women didn’t have enough knowledge and took disadvantage, so women fell behind in the American society. Additionally, gender discrimination affects not only for women but also for society. In the Yellow Wallpaper,

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