Gender Inequality In Society

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Question #3 – I would tell my friend…yes, we are all equal. However, history hasn’t always showed men and women being equally treated. Even though society has made a lot of progress, we are still living in a patriarchy, a system that privileges men over women. Furthermore, some would even say we still live in an androcentric society, a culture that places masculinity at the center. Even worse, our country is full of sexism. Compared to the 1950’s, you might believe men and women are treated pretty equally in society. Notwithstanding, there still is a lot of gender injustices in our current society, especially in America, and there is proof to back it up. For the following reason, this is why studying gender is still extremely relevant. Throughout most societal institutions there is at least some gender inequality. To begin, the institution of the family is much gendered, causing inequalities. As you might know, during the middle of the 1900’s, most fathers went to work, while the mother stayed home. However, overtime, more and more women entered the workforce. In fact, today, only about 12 percent of American households consist of a husband who financially supports a wife and children, while the mother stays home (Wade 248). Even though there are more women in the workforce, most mothers are stuck doing all the household chores after work, known as the second shift. In reality, women spend 15 more hours per week doing the second shift (classroom notes).
All of this can

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