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Gender Wage Gap Awareness

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We have all heard about the gender wage gap on the news or in the current debates, but why is it any concern to you? I understand that this issue might not apply to a college student; however, you need to be aware of this issue since it could affect your major and future profession. Surprisingly, this issue even applies to males. Some argue that women are facing a wage gap because they choose more flexible professions, lack negotiation skills, and produce less as many hours as men mostly because they are assumed to devote more time to children. I disagree, because women should have the right to earn same amount of money as a man regardless of their personality,
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Childfree women are also being offered more career promotions than women with children. The pay gap might also increase with age because women hit the infamous “glass ceiling” at the top of their professions. The “glass ceiling” is the highest level they can obtain in their careers’. In supporting my statement, many women hit the “maternal wall” of discrimination before they ever reach the “glass ceiling.” Sarah Glazer provides a perfect example, “A civil engineer in Pennsylvania was awarded $3 million in a lawsuit because she was passed over a promotion after the birth of her son. She testified that the president of the company asked her if she wanted a career here of if she wanted to have babies” (Glazer 36). The president of this particular company obviously came to the assumption that her level of production in her chosen profession would decrease due to raising her child.
The woman in Pennsylvania is just one example of discrimination that is happening currently nation wide. My argument is that women should not be put into the situation to choose between advancements in their careers’ or children. Women constitute natural personal choices, which causes them to earn less in comparison to men with the same skill and experience. This lower salary wage is not only affecting this now, but it is also affecting their future finances. The
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