Gender Ideology: Comparing the Characteristics of Males and Females

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Gender Ideology Mini Essay Characteristics of Males: People of the male gender are associated with aggression. This aggressiveness can express itself in athletic ability, in business acumen and in being ambitious for personal and professional success. It also means that males have a tendency towards violence if their masculine aggressiveness is not kept in check (Jordon 2003: 131). In my own life, I have seen this aspect of maleness presented both in interactions with actual males and in fictional portrayals in film and on television. Fictional male villains and heroes are all imbued with this as a part of their characterization. Quite often the character or real-life person who has the highest levels of aggression, ambition, or ruthlessness will be the most successful in their lives. Testosterone is a component of the male which is a sex trait and inborn, however I believe the encouragement of aggressiveness comes from the society which makes it a gender conceit as well as a biological one. From infancy people are taught that this is the normal behavior for men and to see men without aggression as somehow lesser or at least less male. Even though I know that this is not the case, even I have found occasions where I excuse aggression in males because I believe it to be natural and also where I look less on men who do not behave enough like my ingrained perception of maleness. Males are supposed to be unemotional and stoic in the face of both physical and emotional

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