Gender Inequality Essay

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Gender inequality or gender stratification is the unequal spreading of society’s wealth, power, and privilege between females and males. Whenever this issue is approached, evidence is provided that majority of women popularity are taken for granted and frowned upon as if women cannot do what men can do. This is proof that the oppressor vs. the oppressed is present throughout history; even in religious communities, some can date back to God’s creation. For example, it is written in the Bible, “To the woman he said, I will greatly increase your pain in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for you husband, and he will rule over you.” (Genesis 3:16).
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Free time for women was not supposed to be spent socializing but doing other things related to the maintenance of the family, from sewing socks to laundry. Largely due to these traditional expectations for women prior to the nineteenth century, very few women had the same opportunities for education as men. Indeed, educating women was often seen as subversive, a possible perversion of the correct social order. Women were also entirely shut out of political activity. Women were not allowed to vote, they were barely considered people at all. (History)
While significant achievements for women's rights have been made, women continue to fight for equality today. Here are six fact facts about gender inequality in the United States: 1. In 2015, women make 78 cents for every dollar earned by a man. (White House)2. For every dollar made by a father with children under the age of 18, mothers earn 74.7 cents. (Department of Labor)3. African-American women earn 64 cents and Latina women earn 56 cents for every dollar earned by a Caucasian man. (White House) 4. Women currently hold 23 (4.6 percent of) CEO positions at S&P 500 companies. (Catalyst)5. By 2018, there will be 1.4 million open technology jobs in the U.S. and, at the current rate of students graduating with degrees in computer science, only 61 percent of those openings will be filled — and women will fill just 29 percent. (Microsoft Research)6. 26 percent of people employed in

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