Gender Inequality In Iraq: Article Analysis

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This article is about the Army that is stationed in Iraq and the issues about gender inequality. Women are often protrayed as sex objects and gender is socially constructed. There is gender straitifcation and men are seen as more important than men. Men typically are in higher positions of power and have difficulty taking orders from a women, In this article it talks about women and men in the Army. Male sargents tend to not believe that the woman of the group is the leader.
The woman must be tougher to protect herself from the men that she works with. There is sexual assualt that occurs because women are the minority in the combat field. Women are advised to stay in pairs for their own protection and carry weapons. This is unbelievable that these woman have to be in high alert
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He was being sentenced the death sentence. The majority decision was six to two however, there was a testimony which was incredibly racist. A physcilogist claimed the man on trial was more dangerous than a white man. The man on trial was Mr.Buck a African American male and this trial was being conducted in Texas. Racism has not dissapeared from the US. This all began with colonialism people believed they were better then others. Race Conflict theory illustrates how there is inequality and conflict between race and enthic backgrounds.
The US has a dark past of abusing and oppressing people of color. This case was thrown into question of its validation because of the racist testimony. People are suppose to get punished for wha they did not what they look like. Social Darwinism is to blame for justifying that certain people can simply be born criminals. Darwinsim attempted to justify that other people are biologically superior which is not true. This case shows how many people have stuck with their beliefs that they are better than another. People have been unable to treat everyone as if they are all the
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