Gender Inequality : The United States

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Gender inequality has been an issue in the United States of America since the very founding of the country. Many believe that the sexes are equal in the United States of today because nearly a hundred years ago women gained the right to vote but this was not the only hurdle we needed to surmount. Gender inequality is alive and thriving even today, and although this is definitely not the only issue American women face today, it can be seen in something called the wage gap. It is commonly known that the average woman makes 77 cents to a man’s dollar, but this only applies to white women. The gap increases more and more for women of color. The median black woman earns 65.1% of what the median white man earns hourly, and the median Hispanic woman earns 58.9% as much, (Davis). The Economic Policy Institute found some other interesting facts in their search for information on the wage gap and how to close it. They found that the gender wage gap exists at “every decile in the wage distribution, at every level of educational attainment, and in the majority of occupations”. They say that if we had closed the gender wage gap and had wages grown in line with productivity from 1979-2014, which they did not, the hourly wages of the median woman could be over 70 percent higher today—$26.04 instead of $15.21. Building on this, they also found that only, “About 16 percent ($1.69) of the disparity is explained by gender inequality, 49.1 percent ($5.32) is explained by overall inequality
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