Gender Issues In Canada Essay

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In the article, Gender Equity in Canada's Newly Growing Religious Minorities, authors Jeffrey Reitz, Mai Phan and Rupa Banerjee present an in depth study detailing the enrollment of women in the labor force among ethnic immigrants and religious minorities in Canada. The study compares Muslim women who are participating in the work force with conventional Canadian culture and examines the effects of religious ideologies on employment and assimilation. The research analyzes the impact of culture on male and female, White Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh nationalities between the ages of twenty-four and sixty-five. As a reference, the authors incorporated the 2002 Ethnic Diversity Survey and 2001 Canadian census as micro-data sources. Reitz, Phan, and Rupa (2015) note that “Religious beliefs affect cultural norms in overt and subtle ways and turn culture changes the way that religion is practiced in various countries. Their findings underscore the intersection between religion and culture and the fact that both have important effects on gender inequity.” (p. 697) To begin with, the 2001 Canadian Census Survey reports a disproportionate number…show more content…
Economic policies and incentives such as childcare and tax breaks may cause immigrants to reevaluate the benefits of joining the labor force. Educators have a lot to learn about the Islamic faith and culture. I agree with the author's plausible arguments. I believe the essence of who we are as individuals or as a people “specifically defined group” stems from the values, culture, and traditional rituals we engage in during our formative years. In my opinion, a separation of cultural norms would result in the spiritual death of an individual. However, once a person has reached maturity, and questions arise, he or she can discontinue or reconstruct rituals that present a more appropriate and discernible
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