Gender Norms And Gender Roles

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Are you being forced to be someone you don’t want to? That is the general basis of gender norms, and how people are policed to stay within their gender roles. Everyone is susceptible to being policed. Some may ask what are these gender norms I speaking of? As parents raise their children the way they were raised they inflict gender norms that were enforced during their childhood. The cycle then continues to the next generation and the next generation. Gender norms are what society sets on how women and man's behavior in our world. For example a mother and her two kids a boy and girl are strolling through Target and heading through the toys section. The girl is seen this cool Star Wars Lego sets and sets her attention to obtaining it. She brings it back to the cart, and her mother say” lego are for boys, why don’t you pick something like a Minnie mouse toy since that for girls”. And vise-versa for boys. Do you feel gender norms affect human development? The essay “ Bros Before Hos: The Guy Code” Michael Kimmel writes about what it means to be a man and how it is policed. He calls these traits of being a man the Guy Code. He first covers the qualities boy live by to be a man. He surveys hundreds of boys across the country. They say masculinity consist “First don’t show emotions, have a high status i.e having a successful career and making a nice amount of money.” Also to take risks and not crumbled under pressure. He then segways to how there is a gender police that keep

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