Gender Representation In Advertising

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Good morning/afternoon members of the AMSA, as I’m sure most of you already know, the media plays a very important part in shaping the culture and society we live in. This means that gender representation in advertisements is very important as it holds the power to change people’s entire lives based on standards the advertisements set.

KFC is a prime example of how advertisements can effect the people’s perspective of their values, love and material possessions. The ‘Tender Wings of Desire’ campaign propagated by KFC depicts portrayals of standards for men, ‘desires’ for women and tries to portray love as a material object. This ad campaign targets middle aged mothers by portraying the stereotypical fantasy associated with middle aged women. It portrays the story of a woman being rescued by a what society considers an attractive man. As the target audience is middle aged mothers, the imagery of books that they are likely to read is portrayed. This portrayal of a ‘perfect’ man is only used as an eye catcher and provides no insight into the item that is being advertised. This is not uncommon in advertising however, simply because ‘everyone is doing it’ shouldn’t be considered as an excuse to portray either gender in a potentially damaging way towards the general public. This can be overcome by simply portraying a product that appeals to its intended audience instead of using people dressed provocatively to catch the attention from the consumers. That is why this

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