Gender Representation Of Female Gender Roles Affect Society Through Social Oppression Of The Minority Group

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Despite what seems to be positive empowerment of females alike, Mulan in fact does not encourage the individual empowerment of women through separation of traditional gender stereotypes. In fact, Mulan emphasizes the roles between binary genders that ensure privilege of men over women. Additionally, the film shows how such stereotypical gender roles affect society through social oppression of the minority group. Throughout the film, it is obvious that, although it is possible to have gender performativity, there is disempowerment of women and a man’s life is that which is more significant than a woman’s. For the duration of the movie, the idea of masculinity is emphasized and its ideas are reinforced. Notably, when Shang, the captain of the army, sings the song I’ll Make a Man out of You (Wilder et al., 1998a), the portrayal of the stereotypical representation of masculinity is obvious. The lyrics “Did they send me daughters, when I asked for sons?” further points to the notion that there is only one gender that is worthy and appropriate to fight (1998). Additionally, the captain’s main goal is to make a man out of each member in the army. The assertion is that femininity is not acceptable; the “womanly” recruits have been transformed into “real men” in order to competently fight the war. Towbin et al., supports this notion in that “men and boys are portrayed as rescuers who save the day" (2004). Although the film appears to be supporting feminist ideals as

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