The Importance Of Gender Oppression

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In this paper, I am arguing the importance of gender oppression knowledge. Gender oppression has come a long way however, there is still oppression present. The difference between gender oppression and other types of oppression makes it a bit more complicated. Nonetheless, by using the beliefs of existentialism, gender oppression can be decreased. It is the role of women themselves, to strive towards transcendence. The first step however, is awareness. In our society, there are uncountable forms of oppression. The obvious oppression that the majority of the population notices includes religious affiliation, race, social class, mental or physical disabilities and a few others. However, the oppression that the majority of us are least aware of, especially men, is gender oppression. Although gender oppression has decreased in small amounts over time, there is still a large need for improvement. Overall, gender oppression is when males and females are not seen as equal. Today, gender norms suggest that the male gender is the opposite of the female gender. Men are believed to be strong, women therefore weak. Men are believed to be dominant and women are believed to be submissive. Due to two different types of genitalia, there are two different types of personality traits that follow. When thinking about this condition, it sounds absurd. As believed by the existentialist, Simone de Beauvoir, we cannot assume an essence on someone based on their genitalia. However, as absurd as

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