Gender Representation Within The Classroom

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This essay analyses gender representation within the classroom setting – bringing attention to gender issues that are consistently brought up in regards to children’s books. Presenting how dissimilar discourse analysis approaches spawn very different perspectives on female and male gender. This analysis will also look at the job humour plays during episodes in the classroom highlighting mistakes can create interaction and better communication. Finally this essay will endeavour to analyse the research on a classroom from an ethnographic perspective – the classroom being a cultural setting with its own norms of behaviour.

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Green and Dixon (1993) mentioned that, “Events are different in every classroom because teachers and students are different, establishing and creating their own rights and obligations, roles and relationships, and norms and expectations.”
One must however consider that language within the classroom is nothing like it is outside the classroom it is unlike social conventions.

Gender in the Classroom

The first paper highlights Gender and how it is portrayed in reading books within the classroom. Gender contrasts have been seen as an ominous flag for inequity, these conjectures might be because of the deeply routed beliefs in some cultures in which a discourse of equal opportunities is an unfamiliar one. Different genders gather in the classroom - but it has been evident in research that male students receive arguably more teacher attention however research shows that male students actually talk and interact more, then again it is seen as necessary to maintain gender distinctions so that women do not go without education – (traditional patriarchal attitudes do) thus ensuring good educational opportunities and securing a brighter, independent future. What is interesting is that the paper being analysed consists of gender representation in children’s literature, it shows how two different perspectives on male and female are created, interestingly enough the title of the paper reads; ‘Invisible

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