Gender Role Is The Primary Cause Of Gender Gap And Opportunity Gap

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Gender role is the primary cause of gender gap and opportunity gap in a world-wide scale. The story of Azita in the same book by Jenny Nordberg is a clear emphasis of gender role being the largest obstacle against women development. After the Taliban came in, bringing along strict rules and limitations to women, Azita went from a highly educated young individual supported by both of her parents to being forced into an arrange marriage with her first cousin as his second wife. However, she did not give up her political passion and gained a position in the parliament but faced heavy pressure both from her husband’s family and the community. Her husband, being an illiterate son of a farmer, was not able to acknowledge and cherish her values…show more content…
Therefore, by being associated to the more under-appreciated character which in parallel is believed to be a compliment, women, too, get under-valued as outer beauty is culturally set as their only concern of pursuit. Susan Sontag is right when she accuses the crime of turning the gift of beauty into a burden and a life-long sentence that women are born to carry. “There should be a way of saving beauty from women – and for them” (389).
According to U.S. News & World Report, “Women today are more likely than men to complete college and attend graduate school, and make up nearly half of the country 's total workforce. Yet past gaps in education and experience appear to be contributing to a persistent pay gap between the sexes”, as shown in a new report. With that said, despite holding high degrees from high institutes, women are still paid less than what would have been paid to the opposite sex. Moreover, women are as well being denied from job opportunities – all because of gender stereotypes. Positions which require high leadership skills and sharp determination in thinking – qualities that are seen as masculine – for that reason, are more prioritized for male applicants. The developing field of human resource management is a perfect

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