Gender Roles And The Potential Impact On Children 's Gender Identity Socialization

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Children’s Programming; Stereotypical gender roles and the potential impact on children’s gender identity socialization.
‘Media corporations, with a commanding role over commodity markets have become the primary educational and cultural force in shaping, if not hijacking, how youth define their interests, values and relations to others’. (Giroux 2011) My argument throughout this essay will be that children’s programs have a significant impact and influencing effect on shaping and forming a child’s identity. It is without doubt that children’s programming will have a deep profound impact on a child. From the ages of 2-12 a child is most impressionable, easily convinced and persuaded by outer and exterior influences. A child will be most naive, gullible and extremely trusting to outer powers. Children are easily manipulated and therefore anything they are exposed to will have an effect on what they proceed to think, feel and do. . When they are exposed to certain words, people, experiences, or indeed to certain television programmes, they begin to imitate, impersonate and mimic what they see. Furthermore, The American Medical Association reports that the combined hours "spent in front of a television or video screen is the single biggest chunk of time in the waking life of a child.’ So with this added factor, undoubtedly the amount of time children are spending watching television is going to have an impact
The four main children’s programs I have chosen to…
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