Gender Roles: Describe the gender roles in 'A Rose for Emily' and 'Papas Waltz' in their respective stories.

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For many years society has embraced the idea that the difference between men and women were biologically determined. Thou through traditions, media, and peers we act accordingly to how others view us. Each individual has pressure placed upon them based on their gender. Our sex is determined by genetics while our gender is programmed by social customs. Some theories interpret that a women is tender and a loving mother while on the other hand men are aggressive hunters and are the dominant one of the family. People who support this theory seems to believe that men and women are happier when fulfilling the roles nature determined for them. Women are to be nurturing and men are to be providers by nature. An individual gender role is molded …show more content…

Both "A Rose For Emily" and "My Papa 's Waltz" both give light on how strong gender roles seemed to persuade what people used to be like. Our time and age now is much different now with women leaving to jobs, more than one usually, and men staying at home taking care of the kids. The man does not have to be a blue collared

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