Gender Roles In Judith Butler's Undoing Gender

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Gender norms or gender roles are culturally or personally determined characteristics of each gender. For example; girls are supposed to be gentle, sensitive, housewives, quiet, and all around submissive, while men are supposed to be tough, loud/ the ones to speak out, play sports, enjoy outdoor activities, and be in charge. The problem with establishing these gender norms is that it puts woman who like engineering and men who write romance novels in a cognitive dissonance with what they want to pursue versus what society says they should pursue. In Judith Butler’s Undoing Gender she discusses the impact of gender norms on society and the problems with them.
It’s a common gender norm that men aren’t supposed to be sensitive or show deeper emotion. “Men don’t cry,” is a phrase normalized in society. Men do feel emotion the same as women and there is no reason for men to be forced to suppress such emotion to stop from being looked down on. Crying is just a way to healthily experience emotions even though some think they will be stripped of their masculinity by showing vulnerability and emotional response. Even colors have been assigned to gender even though the lines have blurred on this one, one would still see things such as when having a gender reveal pink would indicate a girl and blue, a boy. “Consider where precisely the norm operates when David claims, ‘I looked at myself and said I don’t like this type of clothing.’” (Butler, 312). In that quote one would say David
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