Gender Roles In Society

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Many stereotypical gender roles exist in American society, and these perceptions are amplified through various outlets of media, resulting in an unhealthy generalization of male versus female appearance.
Gender socialization begins at a young age through a child’s environment. While the child’s family and friends influence his or her view on gender roles, media arguably has a larger influence. Children spend a large quantity of time watching television and reading books or magazines. As a result, children are exposed to society’s view of male and female gender roles. For example, men are perceived as strong, powerful, and in control. To emphasize this view, men in advertisements often pose shirtless, revealing a muscular or toned body. Whereas with women, they are more likely to be thin, to the point where others may make comments relating to eating disorders. Though these women are usually physically fit, men are made to look stronger or more dominant in comparison to women.
As a result, this leads to the idea that men should be the primary provider or breadwinner in the family. Women, on the other hand, are to be submissive and appear as the homemaker. Women are commonly seen cooking, cleaning, and providing care for their family in current media. Additionally, when completing these tasks, women are shown in manners that may be inaccurate. For example, there is an ad where a woman is wearing a dress and heels. Her hair is in an updo and she is wearing makeup. Her

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