Gender Roles In The Anglo-Saxon Era Till The Present Time

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VFrom the Anglo-Saxon Era till the Present Time

The Anglo-Saxon refers to the settlers from the German regions of Angeln and Saxony, who made their way over to Britain after the fall of the Roman Empire around AD 410. Thus, paved the way to be known as the Anglo-Saxon Era. But I, the author of this essay, will simply discuss the Anglo-Saxon’s similarities and differences with the present modern time, specifically in three areas. And these areas would be gender roles, language and social conduct. Gender roles in the Anglo-Saxon Era are very distant to each other. Men, who are usually the strong warriors, are of the dominant gender in the society. They were the symbol of heroism for being brave and strong. They were the ones who fought in wars, fighting for their society. Men were …show more content…

This set of values is also known as the Heroic Code. One of the many values is bravery. Bravery was mandatory, for it is the value needed for the wars to be won. Bravery is also present till the present time, the difference is that the Anglo-Saxons most-likely defines it as strength but in the present time, it is defined as a person with full of hope. Another value is generosity, which is entirely different from the modern time. Anglo-Saxon define generosity as the giving or sharing of treasure and gold, while for the modern time, they define it as being respectful and polite. Another value would also be loyalty, wherein Anglo-Saxons deeply obey and honor their leader, no matter what. The modern time is somehow different, people in the current society has loyalty, but still they speak up for themselves fighting for what they know is right, not just follow whatever the leader commands them to do. Truth was also valued in the Anglo-Saxon era, even though Beowulf boasted about a swimming match, it was still rooted from the truth. Same as the present time, whoever disvalued truth will be

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