Gender Roles

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Gender roles are a conflict in our daily lives that seem to affect the lives of mostly women, and sometimes men too. The roles of many male and females in our society may be different, but why should one have an advantage over the other? The world seems to evaluate males and females differently weather it is for employment, education, and many other situations in life. One's gender should not be a factor of how they should be treated throughout their lifetime, meaning there should not be any opposing attitude or decision towards a human being based on their gender. Gender should just be the state of being male or female to avoid the possibility of causing gender bias. Both males and females should be looked at, and treated equally …show more content…

Jacoby believes that Susannah’s parents would have been more strict if their child was a boy and if she refused to take a english class. I don’t believe Jacoby’s thoughts is true in our generation parents think of each class equally important and expect the same at or behavior from all of their kids. I don't agree with Jacoby’s evaluation of how females and males are looked at because I think both guys and girls are taking physics and calculus at school in this day and age. I believe it's a requirement for everyone, it is not just for males to take mathematical based classes. I believe that both males and females should be looked at equally and it is not true that women do not use math. I believe that either man or woman can be in the medical field and mathematical field. One of the facts Jacoby mentions is that today the world is different than in the 1930’s and students have the opportunity and courage to do as they wish in their career. So women are not just restricted to be in the english career. “But the world does not conspire to deprive modern women of access to science as it did in the 1930’s, when Rosalyn S. Yalow, the Nobel Prize- physicist, graduated from Hunter College and was advised to go to work as a secretary because no graduate school would admit her to its physics department”(Jacoby 216). I agree with Jacoby at this point in her short essay, because there are a lot of women who are not interested in

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