Gender Stereotypes In Advertising Analysis

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“Persons who perform the activities considered appropriate for another gender will be expected to perform them poorly; if they succeed adequately, or even well, at their endeavors, they may be rewarded with ridicule or scorn for blurring the gender dividing line” (Devor 506).
“Nerf’s N-strike arsenal has a specialized blaster for any mission”
“4 Ever Kidz pets. It’s snap on fashion play”
“Dirt, mud, we don’t care. These trucks go almost anywhere”
“... Barbie girls and we’re making the scene. Our jammin’ jeep wrangler is one glam machine”
Highly gendered commercials. The messages in these commercials are deeply restricting and severely limit the development of boys and girls in different ways. The ads are actively demonstrating that boys and girls have
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“The Liv girls have a flare for hair” “Change the colour, change the style, add the gel and look at the glitter” “The easy easy way to make designer cakes. Bake your cake in the microwave in 30 seconds” “... Beauty of the bride, share the gown and light up the ring, handsome groom and everything” “Baby alive is so real, you can feed her, ‘I made a stinky’ and then she leaves an uh-oh in her diaper”. So girls get to play with sparkly glitter, bake cakes, and change stinky diapers, how fun! Commercials targeted at girls focus on teaching child rearing, homemaking, domestic work, self-image, popularity, and an obsession with beauty. This restricts their imagination of what women are capable of and prioritizes appearances over intelligences. They are not encouraged to be creative, to build and to really take control over their environments. Girls toys are generally unimaginative and lack the creative element of play that we see in boy commercials. We can see this in the way the same product is marketed differently to boys and girls. “Moon sand is the amazing moldable, squishable, buildable, demolishable sand that never dries out” “Moon sand is the
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