Gender Stereotypes In Disney Films

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Discussion In the current study, we sought to analyze the portrayal of gender stereotypical behaviors in Disney films. We developed this study based on previous findings from Kirsch and Murnen (2013), (Junn,1997), and Leaper et al (2002) and because of the potential implications of Disney’s portrayal of gender stereotypes in their films. We developed two hypotheses to test this. First, we hypothesized that male characters would exhibit masculine stereotypical behaviors such as giving orders and being aggressive, more often than feminine stereotypical behaviors and women would display feminine stereotypical behaviors such as performing domestic duties and primping, more often than masculine stereotypical behaviors in Disney movies. Second, we hypothesized that women would have more fluidity in these Disney films, meaning they are more likely to exhibit masculine stereotypical behaviors as compared to males demonstrating feminine stereotypical behaviors. According to our results, we failed to …show more content…

We observed a total of 487 instances of male stereotypical behavior, but only 77 instances of female stereotypical behaviors. This leads into the final and perhaps the largest limitation of our study, which was the limited sample size which could have potentially increased the amount of female stereotypical behaviors observed and made it clearer which gender was more likely to exhibit them. We only watched 5 of the over 150 Disney produced films and thus perhaps our results are by chance. If we increased our sample size, then we might have increased our chances of finding gender stereotypical behaviors, as has been discovered in many studies. Our study may have possessed other limitations as well, but our results could be supported or not supported by future

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