Gender Stereotypes Of The Twentieth Century Entertainment Media

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Gender stereotypes
In the last few decades the daily lives of Americans is revolving around about what the entertainment media has displayed for them. Society has been influenced by the media with movies, advertisements and news that are constantly bombarding us. Entertainment media has given Americans a taste of the films that display a traditional housewife woman and heroic male figures. However, today’s media has offered a new perspective on how a woman or man can act. These stereotypes have been making a difference for woman and men by allowing them to be able to express their individuality. In many Disney movies, gender stereotypes have been changing from the typical idea of what a woman’s image should be. The twentieth century …show more content…

Astrid is one of the teenagers who was training to kill dragons, so she personalized her clothes in such a way the clothes allowed her to move as much as she needed. That is an influence for teenager style. Nowadays we don’t observe all the girls in dresses or skirts but with jeans or shorts. This shows how many options to dress a girl has.

The second aspect is related with the limit of what a woman can do compared to what a man can do when it comes to athletic and fighting skills. In the movie “The book of life” Maria studied the art of swords and got skilled in sword fighting Maria perform her skills, by stopping a fight for her between Manolo and Joaquin. Demonstrating to them that she can sword fight just as well as they can. A second example of an athletic and fighting skills is founded in the movie, “Brave”, where the main character Meridia, the princess, performed perfectly in archery. A competition for Meridias’s hand was stablish by the queen Elinor. She shooted for her own hand. Her arrows went directly to the center and in the last one it brokes the winners’s in two trasnpassing the thing. She get over her pretencers. Her performance was consider the best of everything breaking social stablished expectations. Later on, she bravely defend her mom who converted in a bear already, from her dad by fighting with a sword. Her performance again surprise him and the rest of the relatives that came to help. The final

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