Gender Stereotypes Within The Society Essay

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Gender stereotypes begin to shape when preconceptions are formed through characteristics or attributes that ought to be possessed by either a man and woman. It begins to limit choices about individual daily lives and goals, referring to the specific attributes gender is widely expected to have. Norms are social expectations that guide human behavior and many norms in the society are set to obligate how genders are supposed to act. To stop gender stereotyping, the International Human Rights Law placed a legal obligation on states. The law obligated required states to address gender stereotypes both publicly and privately. This was set in place because most gender stereotypes became harmful within the society and created hostile or negative reactions towards a gender. The goal is to further understand sexism and how it is formed within the society of unwanted sexual encounters, while displaying the stereotypes it creates.
Sexism is seen as a a prejudice look on gender roles that creates stereotypes. It is the belief that natural behavior, psychological behavior and intellectual behavior each have differences between man or woman (Dahl). This deals with the inferiority of one group and superiority of another. The stereotypes create societal roles, affecting women the most. This causes women to become socialized into the category of expressive roles that are both nurturing and emotionally supportive. Gender stereotypes begin to form through sexism, because women

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