Gender and Culture Conflicts at Work

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Gender and Culture Conflicts @Work There are a number of conflicts at my workplace. One of which that is related to gender is the differences in conflict management and conflict interaction with respect to gender. I noticed differences in how women react to and engage in conflict as compared with men. While differences are good in some cases, these differences, particularly with respect to conflict (in general) can exacerbate the conflict or redirect it such that the conflict does not get resolved (quickly, fully, or ever). The ways people deal with conflict have psychological and social implications and causes. Within the workplace, the differences in how men and women deal with conflict become an issue of organizational behavior or culture. I believe this issue to affect me personally, but it also affects the entire organization as well, especially in departments where there is a predominance of one gender over the other(s). Gender differences in the workplace can itself incite conflict, or as aforementioned, instigate or augment existing or present conflicts. Gender differences are to be both valued and not ignored. There are similarities between human beings, but the differences marked by gender reach far beyond the organization or company; the differences reflect inequality throughout all parts of society. Gender role, organisational status and conflict-management styles"¦focused more broadly on the differences between sexes in dealing with conflict, and consider
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