Gendercide: Elimination of One Sex Essay

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Gendercide is a term referring to the elimination of one sex through selective abortion, infanticide, neglecting and abuse. Most of the time the preference is for male. The United Nation specialists estimate that as many as two hundred million girls are missing in the world today. To give a broad figure, they explain that people practicing gendercide in China and India eliminates more girls that than the number of girls born in America each year. All in all, they describe the phenomenon as the biggest single holocaust in human history.

We can see this phenomenon happening in different countries of Asia. As a matter of fact, China and India top the charts for skewed sex ratio at birth. They are also the most populated countries in the …show more content…

Furthermore, we do see gendercide occurring few years after a baby girl is born. In some places, female infanticide is frequently occurring in the early years of the unwanted child. In regions of India, a fair amount of girl does not live past puberty because of child abuse and neglecting. There is also an imbalance in infant mortality rate of boys and girls.

At the same time that they practice gender selection, most women do believe that boys and girls are equal. They typically blame external factors that are forcing them to abandon their baby girls. They do find all sorts of explanations to justify their behavior. They sometimes say that they prefer to kill a baby girl right away instead of doing a slow kill, raising her in poverty. The question of passionate crime is another debate, but unfortunate people do not always have a lot of options.

Gendercide is obviously illegal in Canada. However we do see some gender selection occurring among the ethnic communities. The same people who practice gendercide overseas tends to practice it when they arrive in Canada. You do not simply abandon all of your traditions, even those who are questionable, when you cross borders. It is something that happens in certain communities and secretly stays in the communities. It is simply observable by the unmatched born rate of male when compared to the one in the rest of

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