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Scientists believe in Gene Therapy Can Treat Cancers? Sarah Dziatko

For many years treatment for cancer has been radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, but through clinical trials immunotherapy has been tested on various patients that the previously listed treatments did not work for. Immunotherapy is a type of therapy in which the immune system is altered and strengthen to become more rigorous and able to attack cancerous cells. This new discovery is extremely important because it is like a fifth pillar in cancer treatments providing some type of result for doubtful patients.
Crispr is a new tool developed to edit genomes. This tool is significantly more precise, efficient, and flexible than technology previously used. Because of this …show more content…

There are several types of ACT, but as of August of 2017 the only therapy that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is T-cell therapy1. Before this therapy was approved T-cell therapy was only available through small clinical trial for people with advanced blood cancers. These trials had remarkable responses for adults and children whose other treatments failed. This got the attention of many researches who worked to get this therapy approved. Now children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and adults with advanced lymphomas have the option of gene therapy to stop the growth and spread of their cancerous cells1.
Gene therapy is an amazing advance in science and medicine, but it does have its drawbacks. Since a gene cannot be directly inserted into a cell a vector is used as a carrier for this gene. Usually a virus is used as a vector because it can more easily recognize certain cells. The most common issues are unwanted immune system reactions, vectors targeting the wrong cells, infection caused by the virus, and the possibility of creating a tumor if the genes get inserted in the wrong spot in your DNA3.
Although these are major issues that could occur there are possible complications with even the simplest procedure. All gene therapy is overseen by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) and the National Institutes to ensure that these therapies are

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