General Strain Theory And Its Effects On Adolescent Delinquency

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There are many ways in which general strain theory can be implemented in policy. Programs created to reduce delinquency and crime must be focused on the negative emotions, behavior and actions of the individual, and relationships developed through interaction. A family based program is a program that could be implemented. The idea behind a family oriented program would be designed to address family bond and communication between the parents and children. Studies done in the past support the notion that relationship between the parents and child, as well as the strain experienced, can lead the child to delinquency. A survey conducted from 1,026 secondary school students in Guangzhou in Mainland China, and from 1,116 in Hong Kong indicated the intimate relationship between parents and adolescents, verify that family strain has a very strong impact on adolescent delinquency (Cheung, Ngai, & Ngai, 2007). Any family oriented program would be geared toward teaching families how to solve problems constructively. It would also show parents how to interact and discipline their children effectively. The goal of the program is to reduce the negative emotions families feel when there is conflict and strain. A second policy recommendation is one that focuses on the relationship between the student and school. School can be a source of strain for an adolescent. Policy created around this would be designed to improve the relationship between the school and adolescent. One of the

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