Generally, United States Citizens Subscribe To The Idea

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Generally, United States citizens subscribe to the idea that its people are not treated equally. Our population originates from abundantly diverse genealogies and environments, thus, producing an environment that is challenging for us to all be equal, and to be content with the way we are treated. Prejudice unquestionably exists in American society today, and I submit that it continues as evidenced by authoritarian personalities and normative behavior. The video, “Single Story”, depicts the existence of prejudice by means of a true story. The United States is comprised of a plethora of races, social classes, and ethnicities. I postulate that as a country, we consciously attempt to ameliorate negative effects of the environment, and assist …show more content…

According to the article “Authoritarianism, socioethnic diversity and political participation across countries”; “Authoritarians are more likely to display intolerant and punitive attitudes when they perceive a threat to the social cohesion of the in-group” (Singh). This identifies that authoritarian behavior occurs when someone does not understand when something goes wrong, that they are more likely to become very upset over the situation. “Stenner (2005), for example, finds that authoritarians become more intolerant and punitive when exposed to threats to the values and institutions that characterize the in-group, while non-authoritarians tend to become more tolerant and understanding” (SINGH). This quote establishes the actions of an authoritarian; identifying their respective lack of understanding if something goes wrong, and that they are unsure of how to cope with the situation that is placed in front of them. Authoritarian personalities play a role with prejudice, in that they are judgmental of others, they perceive themselves to decidedly be right, and do not allow themselves to get to know others. This theory is very significant to American society because it does not allow people to strive to their full potential. “The normative theory of racial prejudice holds that such prejudice is a

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