Generation After Generation, In Different Countries Of

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Generation after generation, in different countries of the world, there has always been different styles of bodily expression. Dance is a special form of art which movement of the body creates. One of the most delicate types of dance is ballet, a form that evokes great emotion. For Martha Graham, ballet was not only a dance: it was a way to express a fear or happiness with gestures created by the body. Scholars have recognized Graham as having made revolutionary changes in dance: in form, subject matter, and theme. Martha Graham was one of the most influential figures in American modern dance, and her techniques and styles continue to be practiced today. She became widely known throughout all ages and decades. As time went on, she became …show more content…

Martha knew that practice was the basis of all good dance and, therefore, a fundamental. Graham 's intense belief in practice aided in forming such a unique technique. " To practice means to perform, in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire, Practice is a mean of inviting the perfection desired." (Martha Graham) It is said that Martha worked on her falls for fifty years, and they grew more beautiful and complex each time she performed them. This technique is not the only one she worked to perfection. However, it provides a quality example to her devotion to the art of dance. Graham is considered one of the major and most influential dancers in America. Graham 's craving for dance gave her the strength and determination she needed to become one of the best. Her incredible emotions changed the dancing world, not only in her style as a dancer, but in her innovative style of choreography (182).
Graham was born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, on May 11, 1894 (Pratt 8). She was the daughter of Jane Beers and George Graham and the oldest of three daughters. She also had a brother named William Henry Graham, but he died of scarlet fever at eighteen months. This devastated the family, especially Martha 's father. George had always wanted a son; once they were blessed with one he was no sooner taken away from

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